A proudly local wine!


A first red vintage will be made available in fall 2020.

The very local character of the vineyard and its wine cannot be overstated. There are many pluses to buying local products: It keeps the regional economy going. Despite its modest size, the vineyard calls on dozens of suppliers—locally.

In addition, available first in the Outaouais region, the proposed wine does not travel around the world before reaching you. So, that’s a little environmental fact to keep in mind…

The next vintages will also be made from white grape varieties.

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Red Wine

This first vintage is made mainly from the Marquette grape variety. This red will be best served fresh and will benefit from an aeration in the bottle or a decanter. Like most Nordic wines, the wine will have a slight acidity and fruit aromas.

$17      750 ml | Quebec | 12,5% ALC./VOL.


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White Wine

A first white vintage is planned for 2022. It will be made from Osceola Muscat.


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A rosé wine is also planned. Its composition remains to be determined for the time being.